Lest we forget - all who died on country

Making Peas/ce

Making Peas/ce after the Frontier Wars

Making Peas/ce after the Frontier Wars

Making Peas/ce after the Frontier WarsMaking Peas/ce after the Frontier Wars

Movement for the Commemoration of the Australian Frontier Wars


Truth telling

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Well of Tears, Visions of Hope is a three-day yarning circle and part of 2020 VISION; SEEING WITH BOTH EYES in collaboration with Arrernte Elder, Pelterre Chris Tomlins’, Dreaming Australia and Hazel Davis’, Making Peasce, and Peacebus (Graham Dunstan). Well of Tears, Visions of Hope takes place from Wednesday 22nd – Friday 24th April offering three days of yarning circles for those who wish to focus on truth telling in relation to the massacres of First People of this continent.

These massacres are still widely denied, down-played or ignored. We cannot bring about justice, create peace, come to reconciliation or live in harmony on this continent without a truthful understanding and full recognition of these genocides and the resulting long-term consequences.

The yarning circles will create a flow throughout the three days

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2020 vision - seeing with both eyes - visions of hope

Well of Tears


Visions of Hope

Yarning Circles by Heartwood

Wednesday 22 - Friday 24

Circle of Truth


by dreaming Australia @ Reconciliation Place

Frontier Wars March


Saturday 25 April

follows the National ANZAC Day March

National Memorial Plan

Dance to remember Frontier Wars

Explore a physical place of memorial for the Frontier Wars' deaths of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander's during colonisation. 

Lantern Peace Walk


A Chorus of Women

Canberra's Mt Ainslie to War Memorial

Friday early evening 24 April.

About making peas/ce

Elders supporting Making Peas/ce

Making Peas/ce Acknowledges First Peoples

We acknowledge the First Peoples as custodians of the lands and islands now known as Australia where we live as guests.

We pay our respects to the elders past, present and emerging who own the rich heritage and culture from whom we have  so much to learn as we share in a journey of healing and restitution following the tradgedies of the Frontier Wars and intergenerational effects.



Welcome to the Making Peas/ce movement that started with the recognition of the Desert Pea blood flower being a symbol of memorial for the First Peoples who died through invasion and the effects of colonisation of what is now called Australia. 

There are strong similarities  10,000 years later to the Flanders Poppy and European Wars where blood has been spilt and a flower grows to symbolise new life, healing and hope while remembering the fallen. 

Their blood cries out from the ground.

More recently known by the explorer and invader's name, "Sturts Desert Pea" this flower has song lines going back tens of thousands of years that belong to the First Peoples of where it grows across the arid interior of the continent. 

Gabby's grandmother survived massacre on the Canning Stock Route WA so could corroberree with new Au

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